Technology doesn't have a conscience

Empower or Enslave, that is the question.

Years And Years

In this Bethany scene an operation is done at work to improve with modern technology and she explains to Stephen and Celeste how it works.thanks

Is a Technocracy wht we're in for?

Never before has data been this centralized - nor this permanent

Society is changing

With the advent of centralized data on each person and permanent records, certain expectations of human behavior will no longer apply. We will be judged according to a new set of rules that is based on a lifetime record. What started out to be a Credit Score will now be expanded to a social score and used in ways we cannot even imagine. Let's analyze this. Let's see where we were, see where we are and see where we are headed.

Remember iRobot? We're awfully close now

A lot of tech that eventually filters to the common Joe was originally developed for military use.

The Frightening Reality Of Boston Dynamics Robots

Instead of dwelling on the Artificial intelligence software for their robots, Boston Dynamics have focused on a much more different building system that has very much made their robots more frightening than we thought. Sit tight as I take you through the company's robots and perhaps all you need to know about them.

They can think, walk, and talk

Elon Musk did warn that his worst fear for humanity is the day these robots are hooked up to the cloud and sharing instant information.

Top 10 Scary Things Robots Have Said

This may just be one of many examples of how we were walking blindly into our own destruction... and laughing about it.