Top 25 Corona Stats and Facts

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Number of deaths

1. Survival rate after being infected 98.7%
2. Average age of people who do succumb to it is 84 (or so) and general average human life expectancy is 82 (or so)
3. 94% of people who do succumb to it also unfortunately already have 2.9 co-morbidities.
4. The global number of deaths is marginally higher than the previous few years.

Testing and Cases

5. The 'virus' has not been isolated/purified, everything is based on computer models. (Which explains all the variants, as they have no idea what they're looking for, and a new random unicorn is generated every time they run the unicorn simulator)
6. The PCR does not 'test' for anything - as per the inventor Kary Mullis. It can find anything in anybody though - also per same said inventor. Mullis is also on record calling Fauci a 'fraud and liar' from the HIV/AIDS days when they first started misusing the procedure he designed and received a Nobel Prize for.
7. Infection related deaths were grossly inflated since day one by classifying (even cases as unconnected as) suicides and car accidents of 'covid positive' patients as 'covid deaths'.
8. Fruits, livestock, and petroleum products have all been shown to be 'infected' with the 'virus'
9. All 'official figures' are suspect. Most early covid 'PCR tests' were run at 45 cycles, even Fauci agrees that anything above 35 cycles is garbage. The 45 cycle recommendation was lowered by the WHO in 2021. So even conservatively possibly 95%, probably 99-100% of all 'positives' (infections/cases/deaths) before then are garbage anyway.

Collatoral Damage

10. Lockdowns cause more hardship than the virus. Increase in preventable deaths, depression and suicides. Increase in domestic crimes and murders. Increased drug and alcohol consumption and overdoses. Increased personal lonliness and isolation. Increased poverty and unemployment. Livelihoods and Educations ruined. Increase in the wealth gap even more pronounced.
11. Lockdowns are a form of tyranny and a violation of fundamental human rights. Restricting travel by demanding someone mutilate themselves is also a violation of the fundamental freedoms of humanity. Some rights activists are already drawing analogies between 'forced vaccination' and rape.
12. Lockdowns have resulted in immense profits for a few large companies and individuals, while shuttering thousands of small businesses worldwide.
13. Many seriously ill patients are electing to postpone life saving treatment, and others are just being sidelined.

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Who's who

14. None of the actors influencing the decisons that limit the public's activities are elected, they have been bought and paid for long ago. They have even specifically used the same predatory tactics in the past, on other failed plandemics such as AIDS, SARS and Swine Flu etc.
15. Vaxx companies are also imdenified from any future law suits.
16. Google owns stock in vax companies as do Gates and Zuck etc. prob Fauci too.
17. The 'World Economic Forum' and its influential billionaire 'movers and shakers' have openly announced to use this crisis and related lockdowns to further their 'Event 201' and 'Agenda 2030' goals, 'The Great Reset' and a time when 'you will own nothing and be happy about it'.

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18. There are no long term studies on any of the 'vaccine'(s) and their after effects
19. The 'vaccines' do not pass through rigorous regulatory, legal or safety frameworks which usually takes 5-10 years - instead the Vax companies are leveraging the emergency act and saving vast amounts of time, money and marketing research, not to mention zero safety checks - the benefits of 'Warp Speed' plus having the governments as your marketing arm.
20. 'Vaccine efficacy' reports are greatly misrepresented by comparing the statistically insignificant 0.01 of people who did (105/14895) and did not get (5/14995) the 'virus' in their controlled group trials.

Behind the Mask

21. Masks do not protect the wearer
22. Low cost cloth and surgical masks do not limiting the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in aerosols?.
23. Masks are leading to increased dermatological, oral, dental and respiratory issues, especially amongst children, who have been shown to be the least affected age group by the 'virus'.
24. The regular flu has been virtually eradicated.
25. Masks and their disposal are slowly becoming the #1 contributor to water and air pollution.

(Leaked email converted to a timeline)

Getting ill does suck, the vast vast majority of people who do get the 'virus' will be just fine.
Humanity has been traumatized - by the reaction to the 'virus' - not the 'virus' itself.
We should be ensuring that we have a recognizable society and economy to come back to.

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