Money itself is a construct

Everything In Our Cult(ure) Is a Lie

How I Took The Red Pill

Jeff Berwick discusses his early experiences in business and the dot com crash, his long series of awakenings starting with reading 'The Creature From Jekyll Island'. Health and well being, fasting, what is going on in the USA and how to get out, finding freedom and much more.

Modern Money Mechanics

Fractional Reserve Banking Explained.

This video explains the fractional reserve banking system and the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve Bank. This is a very detailed explanation on the creation of currency within the Federal Reserve system. The inspiration for this video comes right out of the Federal Reserve's report Modern Money Mechanics. In other words to say it bluntly: they just create money out of thin air.

Who do we owe all these Trillions?

The U.S. National Debt Explained.

This video gives a breakdown of the percentages of the National debt, and answers the elsuive question, who do we owe all these Trillions to anyway? Where is it all going?

European Debt Crisis

World Economy Explained.

This video gives a comedic representation of a very grave reality that surrounds us daily, many of the world's economies just don't have any money - they are broke . But someone will bail them out. But where did they get the money for that when they didn't have any?

The Cashflow Quadrant

So what's your priority - Financial security or financial freedom?

Robert Kiyosaki (the same author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) explains the 4 ways people make money and how we can leverage them to become even weathlier and help more people!